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When you’re struggling with a challenge, you may feel like you’re in it alone.

You’re juggling family life stuff plus another big, overwhelming something. And you can feel isolated. Like everything falls on your shoulders.

It’s time you found support in an all-encompassing service agency. The kind that has your back and gets things done for your family.

That’s Braverhood.

  • Care Management

  • OPWDD Developmental &
    Childrens Waiver Medical

  • Self Direction

  • HCBS

There are so many services
you may not know about.

But you should know about them.
Because they can help stabilize life for your family.
Without costing you anything at all.

What are available services for children & adults with developmental disabilities?

  • Intake coordination
  • Community Habilitation
  • Self-Direction Program
  • At-Home Respite Services
  • DayHab + Transportation
  • After-School Program

What are available services for families & children with medical and mental health challenges?

  • Eligibility Navigation
  • Care Management
  • Community Habilitation
  • Respite Care
  • Family Caregiver Support
  • Community advocacy and day hab

Not sure what you’re eligible for?

“We can thrive as a family now.”

My son has autism…he doesn’t sleep. He can engage in self-harm. My husband and I had been in a really low place. We were battling depression and anxiety. We felt like we were hardly making it through. Braverhood has definitely changed everything … Now our family goes to church on Sundays and our Com Hab worker goes to church with him. I feel like we can thrive as a family now. We go to the zoo a lot, we even traveled to the Poconos. She’s worked with us for almost four years now.

Rebekah McGee.

Braverhood Mom, New York City

What can you get from Braverhood
that you won’t find elsewhere?

More Competence

Service management that keeps life moving the way you need it to move

Stronger Advocacy

Compassionate guides that help you get more services your family can use

The Braver Embrace ™

Whole-hearted support from a team of people whose actions embody caring

“There was never a ‘no’”

Braverhood changed my life. Not having the stress, not having to worry. If I had an issue, I called them. And there was never a ‘no’, the staff member would put me in touch with someone who could help me. And to be honest, she was like a psychologist for me. I had never encountered anything like that before.

Melissa Rogers

Braverhood Mom, New York City

“So sweet to me”

When I called Braverhood, the lady was just so sweet to me. I remember feeling so good to have emotional support. It wasn't even their job to give emotional support.

Sherry Algredo

Braverhood Mom, New York City

These numbers don’t lie:
care + competence matter.

This is why Braverhood parents recommend us to other parents.


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These rigorous standards apply to all 2,000+ members of our direct-support staff. Because your care matters.

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